About the company

Центральный Дом Авиации и Космонавтики.

About company

JSC "СЕМСА" - Semsa Co., Moscow

(Union Of Like-Minded International Cooperation Aviators)

Our company was founded in the end of the last century. Today we offer a full model range of office equipment from the companies: XEROX (USA), KONICA MINOLTA (Japan), BROTHER (Japan), OKI, Japan) and a wide range of banking equipment. Banking equipment presented as domestic producers and foreign partners.

In assortment includes:

polygraphic equipment for минитипографий and the largest printing enterprises;

printers - from the companies: BROTHER (Japan), HEWLETT PACKARD, MINOLTA (Japan);

copiers-duplication аппраты - from the companies: KONICA MINOLTA (Japan), XEROX (USA);

safes - Wertheim, Kingdom and Рипост;

document shredders - HSM, IDEAL, EBA, Taros;

Fax machines - from firms: BROTHER (Japan), PANASONIC (Japan);

counters of banknotes and securities - De La Rue, Glory, Magner, Billcon;

packers and обандероливатели banknotes - Multivac and Com Jd;

detectors rubles, dollars, euros De La Rue, Glory, DORS, JCM, Scan;

packers coins - GLORY;

information displays and scoreboards quotes-Megatex and Rubin;

queue management system-Minor and VILDIS;

dosimeters, ....